My work is a combination of different photos, images, videos and vectors which I digitally work and assemble on the computer. This mixed media takes shape with The lenticular print technique and creates  a final dynamic and kinetic image. 
In my artistic activity i often call on to other professionals to attend me in the very technical aspect of my art and work jointly with them, in the photography, in the videos, in the vectorial Graphics, in the lenticular printing
My favorite artistic subject is often the female character who embodies my creative ideas in an allegorical form. Most of the portraits that I create are a mix of several photos on my computer; I create a new, nonexisting person and construct a narrative out of it. In addition to creating and composing thematic artworks, I also take portraits in my small studio of models that I use. I have had an activity of portrait studio photography for many years.
Lenticular artworks-Marciano Contemporary Paris Place des Vosges
"The impermanence of things" 2017 100x120cmx4cm
Lenticular animation and mixed media

"Mechanism of the Self" 2017 90x120cm Animation lenticular print
"In construction of Self" 2017  3D Flip lenticular print 122x91cm
"Terra Incognita" 2017  3D Flip lenticular print 122x91cm
"The 2 faces of me"  2017  3D Flip lenticular print 90x90cm
"3 continents"  2017 3D Flip lenticular prints 90x90cm
The discovery and use of the lenticular printing technique were very important for me.Once again in my artistic work I have incorporated a printing technique, after the serigraphy, and the flatbed on various materials, now it’s the lenticular print media.
With this technique I realized that my photos and collages could have some more dynamic effects and tackle themes with a more conceptual approach. I also liked the idea of the possibility of interaction with the viewer, and him being seemingly conquered by the kinetic effects of the lenticular.The benefit of this technique is that it allows the animation of a static image, with in depth 3D effects, effects of image transition (Flip) etc.
I work my photos, layer by layer with transparency effects and I incorporate photos of paintings and paper collages in a rather close way I did before with my paintings on traditional canvas and paper.That is why my technic is called digital collage photography.
Lenticular prints Montmartre Gallery

Eco-Logical (2015) Lenticular 3D and Flip print 120cmX70cm

“Intro-Spection" (2014) Flip Lenticular print 121x91cm
Who am I? (2015) Lenticular print Flip and 3D print 121x91cm
"Who am I?" 2016 120x90cm  FLIP 3D lenticular print
"Danger" 2014 3D and Flip Lenticular print
"Bio-Hazard/Expectation VS Reality" (2016) 91x121cm FLIP and 3D lenticular print
“Not equal” (2013) 80x80cm 3D Lenticular print
Collaborative artworks*
Photo credits: Luz Perez-Ojeda/O. Ekaterincheva
Photo credits: Luz Perez-Ojeda

Extract from Move film, directed by Dominique Palombo Choreographed by Jermaine Browne Stylist Rachel Roy
Mother Nature/Mother Trash
Photo credits: Luz Perez-Ojeda/Caster
Color square patchwork
Photo credits: Luz Perez-Ojeda/Painter artist: Esther Ojeda Votre Avenir
Photo credits: Luz Perez-Ojeda/Painter artist: Esther Ojeda
“Eating poetry” poem by Mark Strand

Photo credits: Luz Perez-Ojeda/Subotta
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