"The impermanence of Life" 2017 100x120cm Lenticular animation and laser cuts
Who am I? (2015) Lenticular print Flip and 3D print 121x91cm
EPHEMERALITY animation lenticular print  100X100cm/39X39
"Vibrant Nature" (2016) 90cmX120cm Flip and 3D lenticular print

Where do I go now? (2016)  120x90cm Animation lenticular print

"Sweet dreams 2" (2016) 120cmX90cm 3D/Flip lenticular print

The Moon and the Sun Lenticular Artwork 2017
Flip and 3D lenticular print/90x120cm/36X48

Not equal but different Lenticular artwork 2014
Flip and 3D lenticular print/100X100cm/39X39
The 2 faces of Me Lenticular artwork 2017
Flip and 3D lenticular print/120X90cm/48X36

The right person Lenticular Artwork 2017
Animation lenticular print/120X90cm/48X36
Liberty dancing Lenticular artwork 2016
Animation lenticular print/120X90cm/48X36
Blue Geisha Lenticular artwork 2017
Animation lenticular print/120X90cm/48X36
"Ecological consciousness" 120x90cm 3D and Flip lenticular print
Doux Rosier Lenticular artwork Flip and 3D lenticular print/120X90cm/48X36
Animus Anima Lenticular artwork Flip lenticular print 120x90cm/48x36
Collaborative artworks*
Photo credits: Luz Perez-Ojeda/O. Ekaterincheva Choréo-Graphy
Photo credits: Luz Perez-Ojeda

Extract from Move film, directed by Dominique Palombo Choreographed by Jermaine Browne Stylist Rachel Roy Psycho-Logical
Photo credits: Luz Perez-Ojeda/C. Dapino
Mother Nature/Mother Trash
Photo credits: Luz Perez-Ojeda/Caster
Color square patchwork
Photo credits: Luz Perez-Ojeda/Painter artist: Esther Ojeda Votre Avenir
Photo credits: Luz Perez-Ojeda/Painter artist: Esther Ojeda
“Eating poetry” poem by Mark Strand

Photo credits: Luz Perez-Ojeda/Subotta

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