About Ganesh day in Paris:
Every year, in Paris, on a mobile date corresponding to the early September full moon, the Ganesh Temple, named SRI MANIKAR VINAYAKAR ALAYAM, located in the 18th district, organizes the birthday celebration of the most popular and beloved hindu God. It is the Ganesha Chaturthi. This celebration is a prodigious festival in India, especially in Bombay (Mumbai), where continuous religious ceremonies are performed during ten days.
In Paris a chariots, wonderfully adorned with thousands flowers, welcome the magnificent Ganesh image made of golden bronze, which usually abides in the temple. These chariots are hand pulled by devotees in the streets, among the general happiness and religious fervour of the Hindu community, gathered here, living in France. Many non-hindu people also come to look at the parade and to enjoy the ambiance.
So did I, It was loud, it was bright, it was slightly confusing and there were a lot of Indian people – similar to my first impressions of Sri Lanka when I went there a few years ago. Though with the added convenience that this spectacle was that it doesn’t require a 9 hour flight to experience it. It’s always amazing to see ancient traditions flourishing outside of their traditional environment.
Though the non-Indians made up a much smaller proportion they were all present with their cameras to document this rather alien celebration. Myself included, naturally.

The Luminous ethnicity
She creates mythic visions of India through a complex and creative work processed through photography and media intervention.
The Indian celebration of Ganesh day in Paris serves as point of depart for capturing faces , costumes and body postures of the ethnicity of these Group.
Her keen sensibility towards humans and society groups generates these scenarios where it dominates the inner essence of people.
The photographs show in dyed colors and pasted layers of paper, different moments of the celebration where groups of Indians opt to dialogue with the camera.Instead of simply posing, they create a sharp connection to the lens and to the photographer taking the work from simply documenting an event in a journalistic approach to an artistic level where the individual reveal their deep beeings and their personal mood and states.
Perez Ojeda’s photography portraits nuances and subtleties of the human race.

Milagros Bello, Gallerist PH.D.
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