In 2009, I had the opportunity to work with psychotherapist Valérie Grumelin Halimi. I accompanied her shooting patients during therapy sessions. As a portrait photographer I particularlyenjoyed the understatedwork of capturing the pain, and the freedom of discharge. Following this collaboration came “Mon corps me dit” (MY BODY DOES NOT LIE) by Valérie Grumelin Halimi in May 2011. My artistic work features in this book under the title of “carnet de voyage intime” (intimate travel journal).
The completion of this intimate travel diary has had a lot of impact in my career as a portraitist, which has been enriched by this complex and distinctive work, this fruitful experience led to a photographic series entitled “Interior landscapes” (Paysages intérieurs )
The theme that I touch upon in this photographic series entitled “Interior landscapes” (Paysages intérieurs ) has a very intimate essence.
The movement of the hands and fingers reveals a person’s mental, emotional and bodily energy, it constitutes a genuine language. It is exactly this language which I intend to show through this artistic work. It observes an intense exchange between the model and me.
The portrait is my interpretation of its outside appearance, its exposure, its expression but above all it transforms me into an interpreter of the psyche’s inner agreements and disagreements; I cross through my lens into the different layers of each individual’s personality.
I capture the moment of expression, attitude and movement, by breaking down the barriers, giving rare fleeting access to the soul, a few thousandths of seconds of intense eternity.
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